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Potato Flakes BD Ltd.


Potato Flakes BD Ltd.


Bangladesh is one of the major potato growing countries in South Asia. Although we grow potato in a large quantity, our consumption is not as large therefore we have to export potato. It is being observed that our sub-continent prefer ready to cook food stuff including potato. So, we thought that it will be worthwhile to produce potato flakes which is in great demand in Europe and parts of Asia as people find this ready to cook food, easy to handle, time saving, economic, environment friendly chemical fertilizer free, sugar free, fat free Carbohydrate and Hygienic.
Judging its potential as an export oriented product and at the same time assessing the possibility of utilizing potato likely to be wasted each year, we decided to install an industrial unit which will not only take care of the above but also will contribute considerably in earning foreign exchange. So the Euro Potato Flakes Ltd. came into being. The management is aware of the fact that to catch up with the international market, we have to obtain ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification for which we have set up an elaborate in house quality control organization and this is being run by expert professionals. And already we have obtained ISO 9001:2000 QMS Certification.

Europa Group has in its fold a few industrial units involving production of potato flakes. Every sector of our potato flakes industry which is christened as Euro Potato Flakes Ltd. and in turn each one of our clients is of supreme importance to us. As already stated, a highly motivated team of professionals manage each sector of our business interest.
Therefore, our clients can rest assured that we will supply quality product, maintain continuity of product quality and ensure regular and timely supply. We are focused on maintaining / liaising with our clients to check back about quality of product and regularity of supply.
Potato flakes, due to simplicity of use and preparation of food items from it, reduction of loss during processing and storing, reduction of transport costs and possibility of use across the world, has become a ‘global product’.
Potato flakes offered by us can boast of being a high quality product comparable with any other brand available in South Asia or in any other part of the world. Although we are new in the market, we have received acclaims and flattering opinions at home and hopefully our clients abroad will feel obliged to rank us high in their quality assessment. The technological process of potato flakes production consists of the following stages:

# Washing of raw material
# Steaming
# Peeling and Cutting
# Blanching
# Chilling
# Potatoes evaporation
# Mixing additives
# Drying of evaporated pulp
# Screening the sizes
# Packing
# Controlling of metal existence, hard points, black points and moisture content etc.

Flakes may include additives, vitamins and packaging according to customers’ requirement also.